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Hmmm there have always been a plethora of ways to contact a Realtor; phone, fax, e-mail, cell, pager. It seems most of the time the Realtors around us are screaming for you to call them.

Well that has to change, I myself went through the years of cold calling convinced that phoning strangers was the best way to get "new business".

Now the tables have turned, it is up to you to contact me, not because you should or because I want you to but simply to get answers to the questions that you have, after I have done that we can go from there and see if a move is in your future.

My e-mail is

My phone number is 403-278-8899

My Cell phone number is 403-606-9493

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Another great way to get information is from my 24 hour hotline. Call toll free from anywhere and listen to the following reports.

27 tip hotline list for homesellers 1-877-694-2761 id #1023
common and costly mistakes homebuyers make 1-877-694-2761 id #1018

Please leave a message as well if you have any questions.

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